Sea Kayak Samos Team

Joan Ramon Royo


Joan Ramon was born and raised in Sabadell, a city near Barcelona. During his youth he was a waterpolo player and swimming instructor. After finishing his university studies in Philosophy he started traveling and living in different countries until he came to Greece in 1999.

In Greece he discovered his love for sea kayaking and he thought that it was the perfect opportunity to turn his passion into a job, so he decided to pursue his dream. In 2013 he started his professional activity as a sea kayaking guide and in 2014 he founded Sea Kayak Samos on Samos island, the place where he lives with his family. Since then he is happy to lead trips in this beautiful part of the Aegean Sea.

He is a qualified guide by the British Canoeing Union (BCU) and a certified lifeguard. He speaks Spanish and Catalan (native languages), Greek, English, Italian and some French.

Dorte Petermuss


Dorte Petermuss lives in Denmark. Since child she has been an outdoor girl, and as soon as old enough, she bought a motorbike and cruised around in Europe with her tent. The love of travel and adventures has always been a part of her, starting with two years of school in Honduras with weekends spent exploring the jungle and the surrounding countries with her family. Later she travelled many countries both as a crew manager in a shipping company and on her off-road motorbike out into the wild.

Living by the seaside the sea has always been a part of her and she started kayaking in 2011, later stand-up-paddling was added to her skills. She has planned and organized a lot of tours and camps both on land and at sea and is a qualified seakayak instructor by the Danish Canoe and Kayak Association. She speaks Danish, Swedish, English and some Spanish, German and French.


Eleni Lomvardou


Eleni is from Athens. Graphic design is her main professional activity, ever since she completed her studies in the field. In 2014 she moved to Samos with her family. Working for "Sea kayak Samos" has given her the chance to reconnect with the sea and nature. She is very fond of Samos island and she believes that it is the perfect destination for outdoor activities, such as sea kayaking. She is responsible for the organisational part of the office operation and logistics, company's communication and also works as an assistant guide. She speaks Greek, Spanish and English.
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