Paddling in Samos



Climate in samos

Samos is one of the sunniest places in Europe with almost 3300 hours of sunshine annually or 74% of the time. No one can imagine Samos without its sun and light. The pleasant climate is typically Mediterranean. The island has a temperate climate, warm and dry in summer and mild and wet in winter. North wind is the prevailing wind which creates a gentle breeze all across the island during the summer. Usually it starts in the early afternoon and dies out at the sun set. South winds that carry most of the rain, blow mainly during the winter period along with the rest of the winds. Winter is the rainiest season while a long summer is almost completely dry.

Paddling and sea conditions

The Aegean Sea conditions are ideal for paddling. The temperature of the water is never cold. Temperatures range from 15-16 C during the winter to 25-26 C in the summer. The air average temperature on the island ranges from 10 C in the winter to 27 C in the summer so paddling is pleasant all year round. In addition to that, the Aegean sea is tideless, or if not entirely tideless, its tides are so small that they are not worth considering, which makes it a safe kayaking environment. Wind is the variable we have to deal with but, fortunately, accurate forecast is available. Direction and wind force on windy days can be known in advance so we can be ready to anticipate the best/safest area for sea kayaking.

Weather statistics

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